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Power Plant offers an innovative and casual approach to networking with the aim of celebrating success, sharing ideas and knowledge, creating strategic partnerships and gathering to promote the growth of Vancouver’s green economy – while enjoying a bevy or two!

The event features quick presentations from green community leaders. Presenters have exactly 10 PowerPoint slides displayed for 20 seconds each - that's only 3 minutes and 20 seconds - to reveal their engaging story in a nutshell. This could be anything from sharing about their company and acknowledging achievements to launching a new program and raising interest for partnerships. This presentation style is a trimmed down version of the popular TED Talks or Pecha Kucha presentations.

Power Plant Connectors help introduce guests and make purposeful connections (perfect for wallflowers). On top of that event greening solutions are included to reduce Power Plant’s environmental footprint.

Power Plant is produced by LimeLight Event Marketing in a hip, green location in Vancouver.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Waldorf Hotel Accepts The Go Green Challenge

 Once you know, it’s hard to pretend you don’t know. This is the notion behind Power Plant’s Go Green Challenge.

Power Plant events are hosted in green venues, which means the venue incorporates sustainability initiatives such as comprehensive recycling, composting, local and organic suppliers or membership to Green Table Network.

In partnership with local recycling company, Recycling Alternative and green restaurant program, Green Table Network Power Plant created the Go Green Challenge to demonstrate sustainability in action with a Power Plant venue.

East Vancouver’s famous Waldorf Hotel advertises the fact that it can do just about anything as an event venue - so why not improve its overall sustainability? The Waldorf Hotel accepted the Go Green Challenge, which coincides with the 10th edition of Power Plant on February 21, 2012.

 “I personally hope that the Waldorf Hotel can become a green leader in Vancouver's event hosting scene - but it goes a little further than that,” said Hunter Moyes of the Waldorf Hotel. “With some hard work and dedication the Waldorf Hotel’s environmental systems could be tightened. Changing will involve changing the habits of over 50 employees. Changing the attitudes and habits of those 50 people will be the real challenge, and the best possible positive outcome - taking "the cool kids" off the proverbial fence.”

As part of the Go Green Challenge the hotel will be audited in terms of its waste management, food and beverage procurement and other sustainability practices. Recycling Alternative will install composting bins strategically throughout the hotel and will measure the waste diverted from the landfill from one full day of the hotel’s entire operations. 

Louise Schwarz, co-founder of Recycling Alternative said “Since Recycling Alternative has a reputation for jumping at innovative opportunities to trash-bust with community partners looking to green their events and operations, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with Power Plant and the Waldorf on the Go Green Challenge. Together we have tailored a user friendly model that will maximize waste diversion and composting at the site on February 21st and serve as a benchmark for the Waldorf as they move forward in their efforts to go green.”

Green Table Network will support the Go Green Challenge by helping the hotel to procure more local ingredients and products for the menu served at Power Plant X event. To recognize the Waldorf Hotel for their active participation in the Go Green Challenge, they will be rewarded with membership to Green Table Network’s innovative online toolkit, which is a step-by-step guide to greening operations and business goals.

The Green Table Network lives for good challenges, especially green ones,” said Andre LaRiviere, founder of Green Table Network. “For the past five years, we've been helping restaurants across BC (and beyond) to design their own 'roadmap' to sustainable operations, so we know how important it is to find a place and way to get started. We're hoping that, by supporting this challenge for PowerPlant, the food and beverage team at The Waldorf will be inspired to keep going down the road to a deliciously greener future.”

The results from the Go Green Challenge will be posted here shortly after the event and announced at the next Power Plant event. Ultimately the goal is to support the Waldorf Hotel to green their operations and inspire and motivate them to take action to permanently implement positive changes to their operations.

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